About Us

Our Mission

Fahari Community Initiative (FCI) is a non-profit initiative that promotes positive change in Migori County through providing free access to information, imparting life skills, developing networks and supporting local programmes on health and wellness.

Our Vision

FCI’s vision a vibrant, informed and productive community in Migori County that uses current information and technology to develop sustainable solutions to its challenges.

At the centre of all the activities of FCI is a modern library and information centre, located in Kakrao, Suna East Constituency, Migori County, that not only provides current information and reference material but which is also a centre of learning and interaction.

FCI’s core competencies are:

  • Youth empowerement through information access
  • Training in media and information literacy
  • Equipping the youth with communication and interpersonal skills
  • Community support through participation and networking

FCI’s Strategic Community Plan

FCI’s strategic community plan focuses on five key areas:

  1. Assessing and meeting the literacy needs of the community
  2. Linking individuals and families with information resources to assist them in developing their interpersonal skills
  3. Establishing partnerships committed to creating a positive change in the community
  4. Promoting a safe and healthy community
  5. Maintaining a culture of respect at all times