Girls Rising

Girls Rising is an empowerment programme for teenage girls between 13 – 18 years which equips them with skills and competencies to enhance their self-confidence, to excel in their education and achieve optimal personal growth and development through interaction with female role models and mentors from their community.

A learning session on life skills for the girls
A learning session on life skills for the girls

The programme is anchored on the following pillars:

• Health
• Wellness
• Art and music
• Inspiring the girls to excel in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)


Every girl receives a free sanitary kit per month

Problem Statement

Poor educational outcomes for girls in Migori are as a result of, among other things:
•Poverty, which manifests itself in lack of school fees, inadequate access to food, and lack of basic hygiene and sanitation kits.
• Teenage pregnancy and forced marriages.
• Cultural beliefs which often give boys preferential treatment compared to girls.
• Conflict at household level where girls are at risk of gender-based violence and sometimes displacement.


The programme currently targets 25 girls between the age of 13 to 18 years within the catchment of Fahari Community Library in Kakrao, Migori County.

Outdoor activities add to the fun for the girls
Outdoor activities add to the fun for the girls

Programme Activities:

• Sensitization on the importance of good educational outcomes for girls in order to break the poverty cycle.
• Sensitization on bodily development and awareness among adolescent girls against the backdrop of reproductive health.
• Sensitization on sexual exploitation and abuse, with associated risks such as early pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.
• Nutrition education, including malnutrition and resultant nutrition related diseases.
• Provision of menstrual hygiene kits (sanitary pads) monthly for the girls.