Library and Information Centre

The library and information centre is the centre-piece of Fahari Community Initiative. We believe that knowledge is power. Informed individuals and communities are able to seek or develop practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges they face. The library and information centre provides a wide range of information in digital and print formats. It is a space for learning, exchange, encounters and provides a social anchor in the community. Membership of the library is free of charge for children under 12 years. Youth and adults pay a minimal annual fee of KES 1.500 to cover administrative expenses.

The library and information centre is more than just a place for borrowing books – it is a community hub – a space where additional services and activities are provided, such as:

1. Free internet access for work or leisure
2. Free access to magazines and newspapers
3. Free access to trustworthy databases from all over the world
4. Online safety lessons for school children
5. Free online courses for the youth
6. Free career advice from professionals
7. Talks and panel discussions on topical issues
8. Book launches, discussions and public readings with established authors
9. A monthly repair café
10. Monthly poetry meet